Industries Served

Road Safety, LLC serves any industry and any customer that needs traffic control devices and services in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington, D.C. Below are the most common industries we regularly serve:

Heavy Highway Construction

We provide traffic control services for heavy highway construction and other road construction work, including Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) sign fabrication and installation and pavement marking installation and removal. We also sell MUTCD-approved traffic control signs, PPE, and channelizing devices.

Local, State & Federal Government

Local, state, and federal governments utilize us to provide traffic control products and services for roads, highways, parking lots, etc. Local governments are in charge of maintaining roads and road safety, and Road Safety, LLC is highly knowledgeable in all local, state and federal traffic control regulations.

Private Industries

Any business or organization that needs traffic control products or services can call us to purchase or rent products and utilize our MOT services. For example, we provide MUTCD-approved parking lot signs, Portable Variable Message Boards (VMS) for events, notifications, etc.


Utility work includes daylighting, installing, replacing, and repairing underground and above-ground pipes, wires, and more. All of this work typically takes place by the road, for which work zone safety measures are necessary. Road Safety provides safe work zones for numerous utility contractors.

Engineering Firms

Engineering firms can call us for bucket truck services, truck-mounted attenuators (TMA), and more to perform routine inspections on bridges and other structures.

Community Associations

Community associations, such as homeowners associations or condominium associations, are non-governmental bodies that govern a small local community. We can provide community signs or pavement markings according to your needs.


Churches and non-profit organizations that host community events may need MOT services, channeling devices, barricades, and MUTCD signs to manage traffic flow and parking. Solar variable message boards can alert drivers of an oncoming event.

National Park Services

National and state parks may need parking lot signs, traffic control signs, MOT services, or flagging services to manage traffic as needed. We also fabricate and install signage for roads and parking.


If your hotel or motel needs appropriate signage for parking or events, we are at your service. Hotels and motels can also call us for Maintenance of Traffic services for large events, MUTCD signs, custom signage, and pavement markings.


Casinos can contact us to maintain traffic for large gatherings coming in and out of the venue. Road Safety, LLC also provides permanent or temporary pavement markings and signage for this industry.


Driving past school premises requires caution. Road Safety, LLC offers pavement marking, including crosswalk installation, handicap parking and directional arrows. We also provide crossing guard paddles and PPE, as well as MUTCD regulatory signs and speed display trailers.

Private Homeowners

If you are throwing a block party or any event needing channelizing devices, high-visibility PPE, or custom signage, contact Road Safety! We can sell or rent you the products you need to keep your guests and the public safe and informed. We also provide custom signs like banners, and stickers.

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No matter what industry you work in, you can contact Road Safety, LLC for all your custom or regulation signs MUTCD signage and Maintenance of Traffic needs!

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