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Road Safety, LLC is one of the few Maryland-certified sign shops in the state. Our expertise and experience make us a primary source for the state, commercial, and custom signage in the area. You can visit our store in Glen Burnie, Maryland, for more information. Check out our gallery below.

Road Safety follows specific guidelines outlined by the Department of Transportation for the applicable state. We also provide signage for local counties, federal government, ie. park services and custom signs ranging in all sizes and shapes. We make signs for local businesses, churches, schools, property management companies, homeowners associations, public and private events and others.

Sign Fabrication Materials

Road SignsTypical road signs consist of a substrate, a retroreflective sheeting, and vinyl lettering. The sign’s base can be Coroplast, Diabond, Alpolic, also known as max metals, aluminum or wood. The sheeting that goes overtop it is vinyl. However, the retroreflective material may also include glass beads designed to make the sign as visible to the driver as possible. The retroreflective material can come in different forms, such as Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic, and Diamond Grade.

Road Safety, LLC, sells and installs sign posts made of either galvanized or enameled steel. By far, steel is the superior and standard choice for permanent road sign posts. Its ability to withstand the elements, last for many years, and need little to no maintenance make it the most economical choice.

Our temporary road signs are made of materials just as practical for the job. Roll up signs can be made from reflective or non-reflective vinyl, while rigid signs may be composite aluminum or corrugated plastic. Any of these options can last for as long as the event or project requires them to be there.

Sign Fabrication Processes

We also create custom sign designs that apply to all kinds of backing materials. We create signs on reflective sheeting, banners, stickers, and much more. Whether your requested signage is large or small, we can create a custom solution for you.

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