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Road Construction Arrow Panel BoardIn some cases, it could be more efficient to rent traffic control devices rather than purchase them. For example, if your business is hosting an annual or one-time event that requires Portable Variable Message Signs (VMS Boards), Arrow Panel Boards, Speed Display Trailers, Drums, signs and other traffic control devices, you might find it more cost-effective and convenient to rent the equipment only as long as you need to. Renting also saves you space; you won’t have to store the products continually, and you can be sure to receive products in excellent condition every time you need them. These are just a few of the benefits of renting traffic control equipment.

Thankfully, Road Safety, LLC provides traffic control rentals that can suit your road safety needs. Road Safety distributes rentals that can be provided at a daily or monthly rate.

Some of our Rentals include:

Solar Variable Message Boards

Solar Variable Message Boards, VMS Boards

Solar Variable Message Boards, also known as VMS boards, are versatile traffic signs that alert drivers of many changeable road conditions. Solar message board systems use LED technology that makes the message clear no matter what the weather conditions are. With their solar power technology, their batteries are practically self-sufficient and maintenance-free.

VMS boards are appropriate for many uses, including but not limited to car accident alerts, weather alerts, work zone alerts, travel time information, event alerts, and detour routes. Depending on your traffic control needs, solar variable message boards may accompany other MOT devices such as temporary road signs, channelizers, and barriers.

Arrow Panel Boards

Arrow Panel Boards

Arrow panel boards play a crucial role in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS.) Properly used, it can be an effective piece in the ITS to create a safe and functional work zone. Arrow panel boards are excellent for giving drivers an advance warning of an upcoming lane merge. An arrow board also works on solar power; therefore, a Solar Arrow Panel is both effective and maintenance-free.

Mobile Speed Display Trailer

Mobile Speed Display Trailers

Mobile speed display trailers are trailer-mounted speed limit signs with variable messaging capturing the MPH that a passing driver is traveling. When set to a specific speed limit, the speed display trailer will show that the driver is going over that speed limit. Mobile speed display trailers are excellent, effective traffic-calming devices for law enforcement, schools, airports, power plants, residential neighborhoods, and more. Their portability makes them convenient for rapid deployment, no matter the situation.

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VMS boards, arrow panel boards, and mobile speed display trailers are three highlighted traffic control rentals that we offer. Road Safety, LLC provides other traffic control products for rent as well. As mentioned previously, we offer rentals at a daily or monthly rate. Contact us for more information about our rentals and a quote on specific products.

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